Submission to NSW Government

Having presented our petition to Northern Beaches Council Staff our next step is to present our submission for Bongin Bongin Bay at Mona Vale to be declared a 'No-Take' aquatic reserve to the NSW Government and in so doing protect and enhance its marine bio-diversity for future generations.

Supported by interested local stakeholders

This proposal is consistent with the values and goals of the Department of Primary Industries and the Marine Estate Management Authority. It is also consistent with the goals of the Australian High Ambition Coalition, to which Australia committed in June 2021. As part of this commitment Australia aims to lift to the international standard ‘30/30’ target i.e. to have 30% of marine reserves declared as ‘No take’ zones by 2030.

  • Australian Marine Conservation Society

  • ‘Buckettes’ Swimming Group

  • ‘Dawnbusters’ Swimming Group

  • 'Mermates’ Swimming Group

  • Mona Vale Bush Regeneration Group

  • Mona Vale SLSC

  • Pittwater Natural Heritage Association

  • 'Stingrays’ Swimming Group

What we are seeking

  • The intertidal protected area at Mona Vale Headland to be reclassified as an aquatic reserve and this reserve is to include Bongin Bongin Bay and its adjacent rock platforms.

  • The entire reserve is to have a 'no take’ status as per Australia’s '30/30' commitment. (i.e. 30% of the marine reserves be declared as 'no take' zones by 2030).

  • Similar to Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, we express a willingness to collaborate with all relevant authorities in the ongoing education/protection/assessment of the aquatic reserve.

A committed group of people have contributed to creating this proposal. In the spirit of 'think globally, act locally' we hope this commitment can be mirrored in the prompt declaration of Bongin Bongin Bay as NSW’s newest aquatic reserve.

With every encounter with nature we receive far more than we seek.

One 30cm fish releases the same number of eggs as 2,000 15cm fish!

180 million eggs

A 13.5cm crayfish will release double the no. of eggs as a 10cm one.

840,000 eggs

Number of square meters in the proposed
Bongin Bongin Bay Aquatic Reserve

451,800 m2

The no. of aquatic reserves in NSW is 12 incl. 5 on the Northern Beaches