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aquatic reserve

We are the 'Friends of Bongin Bongin Bay' in Mona Vale and we would like your help in asking the NSW Government to establish Bongin Bongin Bay (Mona Vale Basin) as an aquatic reserve.

Community support is essential - we ask that you please write a letter to ensure that Bongin Bongin Bay is protected now and into the future.

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who we are

We are a group of locals who are leading a campaign to have Mona Vale's Bongin Bongin Bay (Mona Vale Basin) declared as an aquatic reserve.

Our group is made up of local Ocean and Pool swimmers, surfers, surf life savers and beach users. Our group has no political affiliation. We are just passionate locals who care about our environment.

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what we are proposing

With your support, we will be asking Northern Beaches Council to lobby the NSW Government to establish a 'no take' zone at Bongin Bongin Bay (Mona Vale Basin).

The establishment of this aquatic reserve will protect local marine biodiversity now and into the future.

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why do we support this?

We use the beach every day throughout the year and believe this unique environment is worthy of protection. We regularly see stingrays, dolphins, blue gropers, sharks, octopus, cuttlefish and many other species in and around Bongin Bongin Bay. Occasionally we have seen turtles, penguins and migrating whales.

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The Benefits of a 'NO take' aquatic Reserve

A ‘no take’ aquatic reserve provides complete protection of a marine environment. In addition to disallowing the collection of seashore plants or animals, and the taking of invertebrates such as squid, octopus and cuttlefish, fishing and spearfishing is also prohibited.

Cabbage Tree Bay (Shelly Beach) in Manly is a local example of a "No Take" Aquatic Reserve. In this case it has proven to be a very successful model benefitting both the marine life and the humans who daily enjoy their aquatic pursuits.


More Marine and Bird Life

It is well known that larger fish make more eggs than smaller fish.

One 30cm fish will release the same number of eggs in a year, as two thousand 15cm fish.

It is not hard to imagine then that allowing fish stocks to increase will lead to much more food for larger fish and marine birds.

Source: Australian Marine Conservation Society/National Parks Association factsheet


A Balanced Environment

If we allow the environment to find it's own balance without the intrusion of people taking invertebrates and mature sized fish it will produce many more marine resources which will spill into neighbouring areas where fishing, spearfishing and collecting are allowed.

The benefits are there for all. We just need to allow enough time for the environment to recover and find its balance.


No Ambiguity

It is much easier to enforce something where there are no exceptions to the rule.

'No Take' eliminates any ambiguity.

There is no reason or any excuse to have fishing gear or collecting equipment anywhere in a 'No Take' aquatic reserve.

Bongin Bongin Bay

Performed by Peter Colledge and his daughter Shani

Bongin Bay home to the Eagle Ray
Octopus and Cuttlefish 
So many living things 
Down, down below  

It's their space 
'mongst the seagrass without a care
Life is good while left alone 
We cannot dare destroy their home  

But their life is insecure 
Without our help they will be fewer
To take them from their pristine space
Will leave us in a darker place 

So let's save Bongin Bongin Bay
So let's save Bongin Bongin Bay

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With every encounter with nature we receive far more than we seek.