'our Friend Ned' - Our octopus logo

‘Our Friend Ned’ is an original artwork created by Jo Bell of Ocean Love Art & Design and donated to the group. The intricate design seeks to incorporate in her words.

“I’ve tried to incorporate as many of our marine friends as possible that we see and swim with into the drawing, as well as the sea grasses, seaweed and shells”.

We thank Jo for her ‘labour of love’.

Our Octopus Logo "My Friend Ned"

With every encounter with nature we receive far more than we seek.

One 30cm fish releases the same number of eggs as 2,000 15cm fish!

180 million eggs

A 13.5cm crayfish will release double the no. of eggs as a 10cm one.

840,000 eggs

Number of square meters in the proposed
Bongin Bongin Bay Aquatic Reserve

451,800 m2

The no. of aquatic reserves in NSW is 12 incl. 5 on the Northern Beaches