The Petition was a huge success with over 6000 signatures collected, but the journey continues. The next step is to Write a Letter to the NSW State Government.

Northern Beaches Council Resolution

On Tuesday 27th June 2023, the Friends of Bongin Bongin Bay presented a petition with over 6000 signatures to the Northern Beaches Council. At the meeting which was attended by well over 100 people, the councillors voted in favour of the motion twelve to one and resolved the following:

  1. The petitions and any other correspondence received from the community by Council be forwarded to the Hon Tara Moriarty MLC, Minister for Agriculture and the Hon Penny Sharpe MLC, Minister for the Environment for consideration.
  2. Council seek the views of NSW Department of Fisheries on the proposal.
  3. Any correspondence received from either Minister be forwarded to all councillors.

The Original Petition

The original petition to Northern Beaches Council Staff stated that we would like to:

"Ask that Bongin Bongin Bay, at the northern end of Mona Vale Beach, be declared a 'No-Take' Aquatic Reserve".

If you want to read the full 31 page submission just go to this page


The Next Step - Write a Letter!

Our petition has succeeded in moving our request on to the state government. So for the moment we no longer need petition signatures but do need a lot of help in writing letters. Click on the following button to take you to the letter writing page:

Here are a couple of resources on Bongin Bongin Bay.

The "Resources" include pages containing information on the the bay and why we would like it to become an Aquatic Reserve.

Gathering Signitures

Remember, from a council perspective, manually collected signatures will carry more weight than ones collected electronically, but it is good to have both.

Please ask your Family and Friends to Write a Letter

Using Social Media

We have made it easy to write your letter to the NSW State Government.

Please share using the following link:


Please distribute this far and wide using all of your social media resources.

Should you have not written a letter yourself please click on the button below and you will be taken straight to the page

One 30cm fish releases the same number of eggs as 2,000 15cm fish!

180 million eggs

A 13.5cm crayfish will release double the no. of eggs as a 10cm one.

840,000 eggs

Number of square meters in the proposed
Bongin Bongin Bay Aquatic Reserve

451,800 m2

The no. of aquatic reserves in NSW is 12 incl. 5 on the Northern Beaches